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Bring Medieval Argyll back to life with these hands on, cross-curricular workshops. The workshops described below can be combined, altered and added to depending on the interests of the group.

Medieval Kitchen 2

Topics that can be explored include:

  • What was eaten

  • How was it cooked/ prepared

  • Trade and economy where did the food come from

  • Waste and recycling

Medieval Kitchen
Medieval Kitchen,
Trebuchet 2

Topics that can be explored include:

  • How to build a Castle

    • where to build a castle

    • what tools did a mason use

    • where did the materials come from and how did they transport them

  • How to destroy a Castle

    • Siege engines,

    • how to build and use a Trebuchet

    • Undermining

Medieval Engineering
Trebuchet under construction
Medieval Armour 3

Topics that can be explored include:

  • Getting Dressed for battle

    • Cloth armour

    • Chainmail

    • Plate Armour

  • Weapons

    • Pole arms

    • Swords

    • Axes

    • Bows and Arrows

    • Shields

Attack and Defence
Medieval Armour
Textile Crafts 2

Topics that can be explored include:

  • The importance of fabrics

  • Medieval Fashion

  • What fibres to use

  • Spinning

    • Drop spindle

    • Spinning wheel

  • Weaving

    • The Lucet

    • Tablet weaving

    • Warp-weighted loom

    • Tapestry

Textile Crafts
Textile Crafts
Medieval games 2

Topics that can be explored include:

  • Would we recognise a medieval child and would they recognise children today

  • What toys did they play with

  • Medieval board games – are they just for fun

    • Circular Chess

    • Taffl

    • Alquerque

    • 9 mens morris

  • When did childhood end

Medieval Childhood
Medieval Games
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