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Tailored to your local area, these workshops can cover a variety of topics, including:

Mesolithic Toolkit2

Topics that can be explored include:

  • Where did they live

  • What the climate was like at the time

  • Making use of natural resources

  • How do we know

Argyll's First People
Mesolithic Toolkit
Dal Riada Displaay2

Topics that can be explored include:

  • Life in an Iron Age hillfort

  • Dalriada

    • The People

    • The Homes

    • Craft and Trade

    • Warfare

    • Early writings and what it tells us about Argyll

Early Historic
Dal Riada Display
Medieval Armour 2

Topics that can be explored include those covered in Castle Life, as well as:

  • The Powerful houses of Argyll

  • Medieval Warlords

  • Argyll's impact on the Scottish Wars of Independence

Medieval Argyll
Medieval Armour

Not just raiders and pillagers, this complex society were great traders, responsible for the spread of not just goods but also knowledge and skills across the world.

Workshops can include the following themes:


  • Viking homes

  • Crafts and art

  • The Viking trading post

  • Getting Ready for Battle

  • The Vikings in Argyll

The Vikings
Warp Weighted Viking Loom
Hebridean Spinning Wheel2

Topics that can be explored include:

  • Rural Argyll

  • Life in the big house

  • Victorian Schools and childhood

  • Industrial Argyll

  • The development of Oban

  • Famous visitors

Victorian Argyll
Hebridean Spinning Wheel
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