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and other prehistoric life

Following Scotland’s journey around the globe, we will zoom through time to investigate how Geological and Climatic changes impacted life..

Dinosaur Fossils2

Explore the world of the ‘Terrible Lizards’, and come face to face with its inhabitants.

Topics that can be explored include:

  • Dinosaurs Types:

    • Differences and Similarities

  • Dinosaur Babies

  • What did Dinosaurs Eat?  

  • Dinosaur Landscapes      

  • The Dinosaur Time Line  

  • Learning to Fly    

  • Life Under the Sea

  • Dinosaur Discoveries

  • Fossil Formation

  • Scottish Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Fossils
Prehistoric Ocean 2

Join us as we dive into the Palaeozoic.

Topics that can be explored include:

  • First Life

  • Evolution

    • when life gets weird

  • Scotland’s Famous Fossils

    • including a shark with its own poem!

  • Extinctions 

    • causes

    • casualties

    • survivors

Prehistoric Ocean
Prehistoric Ocean
Geological Clock 2

Follow in our ancestors footsteps as we discover what it takes to survive and thrive during the Ice Age.


Topics that can be explored include:

  • What Scotland looked like

  • Ice Age Mega Fauna

  • Climate Change 

  • How we became us

  • The Beginning of Art

Ice Age
Geological Clock
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